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High-Level: An opportunity to make an impact and play a key role in the growth of a top-50 financial publisher
We are hiring for an experienced reporter and columnist to help support new content verticals alongside our growing events business

At Benzinga, content is king
Benzinga combines and makes accessible both the news and the conversation
We deliver relevant trends and scoop stories no one else can
We live and breathe Benzinga, and our job is to spread the news like a grass fire and bring you the most engaging content possible

As a senior reporter, you will have a direct hand in creating content seen by millions of readers and impacting the industry as a whole
If you know how to get pageviews and are enthusiastic about trying new things to engage readers, we want to talk to you

What you’ll be doing:

  1. Writing daily business news and feature assignments
  2. Covering news that is integral to the investment case for a stock or information critical to the narrative and themes of our verticals
  3. Writing profiles and listicles around key figures, companies and major themes related to the verticals
  4. Utilizing traffic analytics to make informed decisions about headlines, story types and coverage
  5. Engaging with Wall Street sources to uncover and publish exclusive and unique commentary
  6. Driving traffic to Benzinga
    com and Events pages

The experience you need:

  1. Minimum three years experience at a digital publication, preferably in the financial media sector
  2. Knowledge of the stock market and the world of finance
  3. Ability to produce long and short form content
  4. On Camera/On Stage experience is helpful
  5. Expertise in cutting edge technology, media and fintech a big plus
  6. Passion for trading stocks and the markets
  7. Limited knowledge of content marketing and strategy

About Benzinga:

Benzinga is a premier financial media platform that helps millions of people improve their trading and investing each month
By providing superior information, data, and tools, Benzinga gives individuals the edge needed to profit in financial markets
Our team is devoted to the ambitious mission of making financial information easier to consume

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