Web Frontend Developer

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Frontend Developer

Technologies Used at Bluchip

  • General: PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda
  • Frontend: React, AWS S3, CloudFront
  • Backend: Node
    js, TypeScript, Serverless, Prisma, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, NestJS
  • We use Slack and Linear for collaboration and communication

Responsibilities as a Frontend Developer

  • Develop and operate Bluchip, the first centralized NFT exchange
  • Collaborate with UI designers to implement design systems
  • Optimize for high screen re-rendering environments

We are looking for someone with the following experience

  • Experience and understanding of React, AWS S3, and CloudFront
  • Experience with agile methodologies and software development best practices

Preferred Qualifications

  • A background in computer science or relevant knowledge
  • A team player who can share their hard and soft skills, create a positive impact, and contribute to the growth of colleagues and the team
  • Interest in implementing UI/UX that can improve complex domains

How MetaZ Works

  • We are currently practicing fully remote work
  • We do not focus on specific working hours
  • We have designated Core Hours for smooth communication

Application Process

  • Apply → Interview → On-board
    • The interview will take approximately an hour
      Interview will proceed online remotely

Joining MetaZ

  • The application process consists of document screening, interviews, and final selection
    • Interviews usually last around 1 hour and can be conducted remotely depending on the situation
    • We may request a pre-interview or reference check during the selection process if necessary


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