Web3 Content Engineer (Remote)

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Metaschool is looking for a Web3 Content Engineer (WCE) to join our team and help us create engaging web3 technical content for our courses
There are 30M developers in the world but only 24k devs are actively contributing to the web3 ecosystem as of now
Blockchain and protocol companies need more devs in web3 to survive and thrive
Metaschool helps these companies by building fun, free and exciting projects for web2 devs to propel to web3
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Working at Metaschool

Metaschool is an ed-tech platform where developers can learn about web3 technology and build their own projects
In just 11 months, we've had over 125,000 developers join our platform and we have big & exciting plans for the future
We’re a decentralized, remote-first company with teammates based in Singapore, India and Pakistan (for now 😉)
We are divided by borders but our common mission to help devs build and flourish in the web3 ecosystem has brought us very close
If you are in any timezone of Asia and are a web3 native, we would love to have you onboard

Our Values

  • Buidl dope shit! – We care about what you have built, not your degrees or FAANG experience
  • Stay weird –  Own yourself, be yourself! Diversity is our strength! 
  • Improve daily – Daily efforts compound
    Don’t underestimate them
  • Developers come first – We are building for devs
    Put them first, always!
  • Learners for life – Leave your ego outside, learn whenever you can
  • Collaborate to win – If you want to go far, collaborate and go with a team

The Role

Metaschool believes in creating content which is relevant, fun, free, and very exciting for developers
Our content is created with the mindset that developers will build and ship cool dApps and learn about a certain protocol or smart contracts language while doing so

Our WCE can possibly be:

  • Leading course development function end-to-end, which includes planning, execution of projects and collaboration with relevant stakeholders; both internally and externally
  • Participating with the internal teams in the courses design, development, bug fixes, and features to provide inputs on issues and trends
  • Strategizing on creating interactive text-based technical courses relevant to industry trends to ensure content engagement amongst web3 enthusiasts
  • Producing high quality, and engaging content by reviewing and improving courses produced by subject matter experts
  • Creating content with the most relevance by having hands-on knowledge of technical developments in the web3 space, our platform capabilities and features
  • Guiding external content authors on our platform capabilities in order to incorporate them in the courses produced

The ideal individual to look over this role should have:

  • A good understanding of web3 concepts, such as decentralized finance, smart contracts, and blockchain
  • Familiarity with programming languages like Solidity, Rust, and JavaScript
  • The ability to write well in English
  • The ability to work independently and meet goals
  • Good time management skills

If any of the above doesn’t apply to you and you still strongly feel you can do it
Don’t let us stop you

Apply for the opportunity


At Metaschool, you will have exposure to product, business, growth, technology and everything in between
Additionally, you will get:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Generous Equity
  • Health Insurance 
  • Paid Time off
  • Workstation Allowance
  • Multiple Tech subscription(s) to make your life easier
  • And an amazing bunch of weird frens!!

We are so excited to see you around
Please reach out to us and we’d be happy to speak to you

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