Web3 Protocol Designer/Engineer at Tephra Labs

Protocol Labs


This position is for our network partner, Tephra Labs

Tephra Labs builds technology for large-scale human coordination. We believe that new coordination structures are needed for humanity to address our largest challenges and opportunities. At Tephra Labs, we take an open-source, protocol-driven approach to building the necessary solutions to meet these needs. Our first product isย , a decentralized network that connects independent workers and teams to the best projects in web3. The team behind Tephra Labsโ€™ products, protocols, and communities is mission-oriented, dedicated, and hardworking. We are fully remote, and our teammates are based around the world.

As a member of the Tephra Labs team, you will join an early-stage team that is building foundational tooling for the future of work. Our team is cross-functional, and you will be working closely with product managers, engineers, product designers, protocol designers, writers, and community managers. We are looking for teammates that are world-class at what they do, are comfortable defining a path through ambiguity, and want to do whatever it takes to support the Tephra Labs mission.

As a Web3 Protocol Designer and Engineer at Tephra Labs, you will:

  • Design & prototype reputation, identity, and skills protocols to support the needs of billions of workers in web3
  • Design & prototype cryptoeconomic mechanisms for various Tephra Labs projects
  • Collaborate closely with engineers, security auditors, and senior stakeholders to finalize protocol designs and land production implementations

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Have experience as a protocol designer and engineer on web3 projects
  • Are deeply passionate about designing rigorous technical protocols to address problems of human coordination and structuring work
  • Are a first principles and systems thinker and apply a systems thinking mindset to everything you do
  • Will leave no stone unturned in investigating potential weaknesses and attacks for various mechanism designs
  • Are an excellent communicator and enjoy documenting mechanism design and gathering feedback
  • Collaborate well with other protocol designers, engineers, and senior stakeholders
  • Have an engineering background and can prototype designed mechanisms
  • Have experience building technical simulations to evaluate mechanisms under different conditions
  • Have extremely high attention to detail

Bonus points:

  • Have contributed to open-source projects in the past and understand open-source culture
  • Early-stage startup experience
  • Have 3-5 years of experience as an engineer