Web3 Technical Content Engineer (Remote)

Metaschool produces courses for devs to build, ship, and learn Web3
We’re a decentralized, remote-first company with teammates based in Singapore, India and Pakistan
We are divided by borders, but our common mission to help developers build and flourish in the web3 ecosystem has brought us very close
Our Core Values:🏗 Buidl dope shit! – We care about what you have built, not your degrees or FAANG experience
🌈 Stay weird –  Own yourself, be yourself! Diversity is our strength!🏔 Improve daily – Daily efforts compound
Don’t underestimate them
☝ Developers come first – We are building for devs
Put them first, always!📝 Learners for life – Leave your ego outside, learn whenever you can
🤝 Collaborate to win – If you want to go far, collaborate and go with a team
About the Role:Are you passionate about crafting engaging technical content that resonates with developers? Join Metaschool and be a driving force behind our web3 learning platform
As a Technical Content Engineer, you'll bring complex concepts to life, connecting with developers worldwide through clear, creative, and insightful content
Role Overview:Metaschool's content is the heartbeat of developer engagement, designed to inspire and empower
Your role as a Technical Content Engineer is pivotal in shaping this content
Collaborating with cross-functional teams, you'll plan, create, and maintain a range of materials that span from our ongoing projects to intriguing topics that ignite your curiosity

  • Dynamic Content Creation: Collaborate with Technical Content Engineers, developers, and designers to craft documentation, tutorials, blogs, and social media posts
    Your canvas ranges from current projects to captivating areas of interest in the web3 landscape
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Engage with subject matter experts and teammates to curate and co-create content, fostering collaborative learning
  • Polished Precision: Edit, clarify, and proofread content crafted by your peers, ensuring it's polished and resonates effectively
  • Holistic Insights: Bring your insights into the product journey, contributing to design, development, and marketing discussions, while staying attuned to emerging trends
  • Global Connection: Engage with the worldwide community of Web3 Enthusiasts to stay updated and network within the vibrant space

Who You Are:Being a Technical Content Engineer is a unique fusion of skills, and if you have both the technical prowess and creative flair, you're the perfect match for us
Here's a bit more about the ideal candidate for this role:

  • Web3 Advocate: You're driven by the possibilities of the web3 landscape and eager to advocate for its potential
  • Storytelling Maverick: Your writing prowess and storytelling finesse set you apart in conveying complex concepts with clarity
  • Swift Learner: You embrace new technologies and concepts with enthusiasm, quickly adapting your knowledge to create valuable content
  • Simplicity Ambassador: Your ability to break down intricate ideas into simple language empowers learners to grasp challenging concepts
  • Innovation Catalyst: You're a generator of unique content ideas within the web3 space, bringing fresh perspectives to the forefront
  • Automation Enthusiast: You're not a fan of repetitive tasks and find ways to automate the routine, amplifying your creative capacity
  • Chaos Embracer: You thrive in dynamic environments, using chaos as a catalyst for creative and impactful solutions

Perks:At Metaschool, you will have exposure to product, business, growth, technology and everything in between
Additionally, you will get:🔮 Competitive Salary🔮 Generous Equity🔮 Health Insurance🔮 Paid Time off🔮 Workstation Allowance🔮 Multiple tech subscription(s) to make your life easier🔮 And an amazing bunch of weird frens!!Join us in crafting a learning journey that sparks curiosity, empowers developers, and fuels the decentralized future
As a Technical Content Engineer at Metaschool, you'll be at the forefront of shaping the web3 narrative

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