Y Combinator Wellness Company (Series C) – React Native Developer

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Series C Y Combinator Wellness Company

Compensation: 100k USD

Series: C – 100+ Employees

Location: Argentina & Uruguay

Roles: Mobile

Stack: React Native, React, TypeScript

This is a company available through a Silver
dev partner, and not a direct engagement
More details about the company, the interview process, and the opportunity will be made available in our first meeting

From Gabriel

This is one the most famous hardware companies at YC and has significant investment from one of the best VC funds out there – Founders Fund
We encourage ambitious and ownership-driven engineers to apply for more information

What You’ll Need

  • 4 years of Mobile experience

  • 2+ years of React Native experience

  • Experience in iOS/Android

  • Experience working on a team with multiple mobile engineers

Interview Process

  1. Hiring Manager Screening (45 min

  2. Take Home Challenge

  3. Take Home Review with Technical Panel

  4. Three different Screenings with Team Members (30 min

  5. CTO Screening (30 min
    ) & CEO Screening (30 min

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