2023 NYC Summer Internship – Ventures

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Galaxy Digital Services

New York, NY

Persona Types

Galaxy Ventures interns come from many backgrounds, from STEM to the social sciences
Generally, Ventures interns fall into particular personas that drive their work

  • Analyst – studying financial metrics, business models, and deal structures
  • Protocol Specialist – understanding protocols and applications from the inside out
  • Data Scientist – seeing the trends as they exist today and predicting their trajectories
  • Protocol Engineer – building protocols and applications from scratch

Focus Areas of Crypto

Despite the nascent nature of crypto, there are numerous focus areas that you can specialize in
Every day people realize the intersection of new fields with blockchain, such as generative art to network contagion, group dynamics to zero-knowledge proofs
This list is not exhaustive

  • NFTs – nonfungible tokens, aka digital collectibles
  • DeFi – financial applications on a blockchain
  • Virtual Machines / languages – what smart contracts are written in
  • Consensus – how blockchains run
  • Governance/coordination mechanisms – how to update decentralized applications
  • Mining / Staking – maintenance of a blockchain
  • Web3 – applications of decentralized technology
  • Mechanism Design– how to ensure blockchains are incentive-compatible
  • MEV – Mining / Maximal extract value, , front running, PBS, etc

What You’ll Do:

  • Conduct diligence on investment opportunities alongside Investment Partners
    • Write investment memos that justify an investment and note its risks

    • Analyze financial metrics and performance
    • Study technological mechanisms and compare/contrast
    • Evaluate legal agreements
    • Evaluate founders, executives, and team
  • Source new investment opportunities through personal network, reach outs, and interaction with the community
  • Develop coherent theses and predictions about market, and identity companies, protocols, and web3 applications which suit the thesis
  • Technical candidates: write Solidity code, demo portfolio company technology, and analyze codebases


  • Naturally curious individual who lives and breathes crypto
  • Have interacted extensively onchain and understands what’s going on
  • Independent thinker and initiative taker
  • High slope
  • Team player